Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kitchen ReDo

As most of you know, after 10 years at Brush, they decided they no longer needed an occupational health nurse. Due to the economic times...they decided to downsize and got rid of nine people including me. I do miss all of the good people there but have had some projects at home as you will see. I have kept busy traveling at times with Jed and these few projects. Been to Arizona a few times to see Hollie and family and tomorrow will go to Oklahoma to visit with Sandy and family. I need a break from all the hard work...moving furniture, tearing out floors and old carpets, but I really love our updates to the house. I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures.

Here's the kitchen redo. We moved & removed cabinets to open up the kitchen. It works much better and we can acutally have more than one person in here at a time...Excellent! Tore out the old kitchen carpet and put in vinyl...and even replaced countertops. We love it.

A closer look at the floor & countertops.

I painted one wall in the tv room a rum raisen color and we replaced the mint green carpet...don't miss it at all.

One of the guys at Brush knew I liked antique windows and doors and gave me the door in back of the piano. Took it to the carwash and cleaned it up...I like the look. A closer look at the carpet's a mixture of browns. We're so happy to have the blue, green, charcoal black and maroon carpet gone!

House Projects

This is the wall treatment that Martha & Nick showed us. They used it on a couple of walls in Pomerene and we liked it so much we had to try it also.

Just another view of the front room wall. It kind of looks like suede and flagstone.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Festivities in Benson

I went down to Benson last weekend while Sandy was still there and we had a great time getting together for the Fall. We had fun visiting with each other and all our other family.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Vacation

Jed & I decided to go on a little jaunt up the west coast line. We started in Nevada and made our way to California, Oregon , Washington, and Idaho. We put a few miles on the car, but had a fabulous time. We stopped whenever we wanted and went wherever we wanted. We especially liked the Redwood Forrest and of course the Lighthouses. I think we stopped at every Coast Guard station there was and looked at the boats in each bay. We lucked out on the weather, too. It was beautiful touring weather.

Bonneville Dam Fish Hatchery

This is the fish ladder at Bonneville Dam. The salmon actually jump up the ladders during the right season.

We went below the ladders to view the salmon working their way upstream. You can see how huge they are. It was real interesting.

Astoria, Oregon

This is the ship, "Steadfast." We watched the crew restock the boat as they were preparing to patrol the coast.

This was at the Columbia River Maritime Museum. Jed is presenting a visual reenactment of shooting the enemy. Sound effects not included. Thank goodness.

Jed in the port hole.

Oh Captain, My Captain!

Jed and his deep sea diving buddy.